Gosho Bessho Cuisine

Yamaga Cuisine at Arima Sanso Gosho-bessho

As a sister inn of the traditional Japanese Ryokan Tocen Goshoboh, Gosho-bessho embraces the same philosophy and serves an authentic “polished-rustic” cuisine style. The Yamaga cuisine at Gosho-bessho is inspired from the “Nanban cuisine “ which appeared during the 16th century when the first European visitors came to Japan and introduced their culture. Gosho-bessho, which used to be a hotel for foreign visitors during the Meiji era, tries to recreate this fusion of East-west.

Finest Terroir ingredients

Tousen Goshoboh’s attitude toward food and culinary art can be summarized in the old Japanese saying “Real gold does not need to be plated”. In our search of Quality, we went even as far as to engage in farming to satisfy our selectivity. We self-produce organic rice, vegetables, herbs, and even Sake ( rice wine). We have established some exclusive alliances with the most famous beef brand producers in Japan, Kobe beef and Tajima Beef. And we gained a unique license for the fish wholesale market of Akashiura fishing port, where the best quality seafood from the Seto Inland Sea is gathered.

Rice and vegetables grown in our own fields, with passion and love
In 2002, in the aim to adopt a sustainable organic farming, we established an agricultural corporation, “Green Papa”, near the stream of Ojiro Valley in Mikata district of Hyogo prefecture. We are diligent about the method of rice farming in order to cultivate healthy, juicy, and nutritious rice. As for vegetables, we only use the clean water of the stream, and human- and environment-friendly organic fertilizers.
The legendary wa-gyu Tajima and Kobe Beef
Tajima beef is a breed of Wagyu cattle, indigenous to Japan, that have been preserved by the steep Ojiro valley (2 hours from Arima), where it is raised according to strict tradition. Preserving this 100% Japan indigenous Cattle is almost a miracle! After Japan opened its door to foreign countries during the Meiji-period, Japanese diet-style started to be westernized, crossbreeding trend that has annihilated pure Japanese cattle. However, miraculously, there was found that a man named “Maeda-shusuke”, who lived in the middle of the forest of Mikata area in Hyogo-prefecture, kept 4 pure Japanese cattle, whose lineage is called “Atsuta-zuru” now. Farmers of that area saved those pure Japanese cattle, raised them, and increased them under a strict tradition. Tajima-beef is the one directly associated with Maeda’s cattle, and the famous Kobe-beef is also from this Tajima cattle. The meat is renowned for its flavor, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture.
Selected fresh fish from Seto Inland Sea.
Goshoboh is the only licensed inn in the Kobe region to join auctions in the Akashi-ura fishing port.
The Akashi-Ura fishing port is known as a wholesale market where high quality seafood from the Seto Inland Sea is gathered and only auctioned to licensed buyers. Our chief cook diligently selects fresh seasonal seafood which he transmutes into some delightful and memorable dishes. Seafood include Matsuba crab, firefly squid, flatfish among others.
Green Cuisine
Arima is located in the middle of rich mountains, but only 30 minutes from the sea. We are aware that we are very fortunate to have great natural elements here in this small village ( hot-springs, rivers, mountains, sea, wild animals..etc). Our rustic cuisine means respecting and accepting what nature gives us during each season, and making the most out of the terroir ingredients to offer simple but memorable culinary experience. In our hospitality style, we try to balance abundance and sustainability through different levels, for instance, recycling the cooking oils used for “Tempura” and other dishes. The refined oils are turned into fuel for our taxis that will pick you up from the station.