Lodging-only plan for hot-spring lovers

~Come on a whim and enjoy bathing to your heart’s content.~

When you start feeling like having a hot-spring bath after your work day or from home, come to Arima.

We delightedly present this plan for those who come up with an idea of having a hot-spring bath on a whim on the way home from work or while shopping or staying at home.

This plan includes use of the baths and facilities without meals.
Reservations should be made by 20:00 but the latest check-in time is as late as 22:00 for those who have dinner before checking in.

You may stay as long as possible by the time of checking out at 12:00 following day.
Luxuriate in Arima to your heart’s content away from a hectic life.
The famous Golden Hot-spring waters called “Kinsen” will refresh all your senses.

2 person/1 room charge(adult 1 person charge) ¥27,200(w tax)~