Goshobessho Cuisine

Yamaga Kaiseki Cuisine, infused with an authentic Meiji flair
Our desire is that our guests enjoy both, the flavors and the scenery of each season. We invite you to enjoy our cuisine at the restaurant counter with a refreshing panoramic view, or in a private dining room with a terrace. Goshobessho Yamaga cuisine style emphasizes on serving the best flavors of the carefully selected local ingredients. The menu is inspired by the culture of Arima and Kobe during the Meiji era and features seasonal ingredients such as organic vegetables from the suburbs of Arima, the ultimate Kobe beef Tajima Guro, and fresh seafood from Akashiura and the Seto Inland Sea. These carefully selected ingredients are heartfully prepared to fully unleash the original flavors and recreate seasonal tastes. We hope you will enjoy it!
Finest Terroir ingredients
“Gold does not need to be plated”. That is how we summarize our attitude toward food and culinary art. Our aim has always been to truly deliver high quality that is not bounded by appearance and superficial glam. That is why we start with the best quality ingredients. At Goshobessho, we use some exclusive ingredients that Goshoboh has collected over the years, such as the best of Kobe beef, fresh seafood directly from the Akashiura fishing port, and seasonal vegetables grown locally without pesticides.
Top-tier Wagyu - “Kobe Beef and Tajima Beef”
Every top-quality Wagyu black cattle currently on the market descends from the "Tajiri-go" Tajima cow produced in Ojiro. Although the pure Japanese cattle breed came close to extinction due to selective breeding during the Meiji period (1868-1912), the steep mountains of Ojiro valley, two hours from Arima, protected the cattle as if to hide them. Tajima calves grow to earn the renowned, top-quality label of Kobe Beef, or speciality Matsuzaka Beef. The people of Ojiro kindly share the best quality Kobe Beef and Tajima Beef with us thanks to the decades-long friendship with Shirobei Kanai, the 15th generation head of the family. The meat is renowned for its flavor, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture.
Locally grown organic rice and vegetables
We collaborate with few farmers in Kami and Kamikawa towns near Arima to provide us with organic rice grown using the special "Hoda Bokashi” method that produces healthy, plump, and nutritious rice. Our vegetables are also very carefully selected. We work directly with farmers who cultivate organic vegetables in several parts of Hyogo Prefecture. We truly hope to offer an authentic experience and feel of local terroir.
The only ryokan in Kobe with access to Akashiura Fishing Port
The Seto Inland Sea, blessed with abundant tidal currents created by its unique topography, is one of the best fishing grounds in Japan for high quality seafood. Akashiura Fishing Port is said to be the place where the best fresh fish from the Seto Inland Sea gather, and fish dealers from Osaka Kuromon Market, Kyoto Nishiki Market, and other markets come to purchase fish there. Goshoboh is the only ryokan in Kobe that is allowed to directly trade in this fishing port. Our chef physically goes to the fishing port to select and fresh, high quality fish from the daytime catch.
Hyogo Hamasaka "Matsuba Crab" Course
"Enjoy a whole fresh 1kg+ Matsuba Crab from Hyogo Prefecture’s renowned Hamasaka Fishing Port" We offer a special dinner plan where each guest can enjoy one whole freshly-caught Matsuba crab directly from Hamasaka Fishing Port. While the standard ryokan serving is a 600g-800g Matsuba crab for two people, we carefully select crabs weighing 1kg or more per person. The crab is served rare so that you can enjoy the rich taste and robust flesh of the Matsuba crab. Our chef believes that the best properties of crab lies in the broth, and wants guests to taste the true flavor in “crab nabe” hotpot, with broth derived from the shell. Please enjoy the authentic flavor of fresh Matsuba crab in a variety of dishes, including sashimi, grill, and nabe.
Lobster indulgence Course
Enjoy Japan's most delicious lobsters directly shipped from Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture and Ise, Mie Prefecture. This special kaiseki course features two fresh lobsters directly shipped from Awaji or other renowned fishing port areas. The lobster dishes at Goshobessho do not use the heads and shells as decorations, but instead use pressure cooking to bring out the full flavor of the lobster and allow it to permeate the meat, so that the more you chew, the more you can taste the lobster flavor. We hope you'll enjoy the freshness of the lobster's original flavor.
Good Morning Breakfast
Enjoy a Western-style breakfast at our window counter (private dining rooms dependent on number of guests) taking in the pleasant morning light and overlooking the seasonal beauty of the forest from our large windows.
Afternoon Tea
A moment for yourself, quality time with friends, a chance to reconnect with someone. Arrive a little early at Arima Onsen and enjoy a leisurely afternoon with an Afternoon Tea. Surrounded by pleasant sounds, lush landscapes, and traditional scents, enjoy a moment of comfort and warm conversations.
Enrich your vacation with warm, leisurely moments. Check-in and begin your evening while the sun is still out with an aperitif set. Follow the tipple with a dinner course with carefully portioned dishes.