GOSHOBOH Hot-spring Bath

The oldest and finest hot spring in Japan - Arima Onsen
Arima Onsen is Japan's oldest hot spring, first recorded in the "Nihon Shoki" (Chronicles of Japan). It is also considered one of Japan's finest hot springs, as praised in the "Makura no Soshi" (The Pillow Book). Rich in iron, salt, and other minerals, Arima Onsen’s water has been revered for its healing properties since ancient times, thought to symbolize the powers of deities of healing and medicine - Yakujin (folklore), Sukunahikona-no-Mikoto (Shintoism), and Yakushi Nyorai (Buddhism). The water of Arima's hot springs originate at the edge of a tectonic plate 60km below sea level, coming to the earth’s surface over countless years, and takes on its distinct rust color upon contact with the Earth's atmosphere. Goshoboh’s significant and long history traces back to the Kamakura period (1185-1333), when it was located directly in front of the hot spring source. Although it didn’t have its own bathing facilities, from the Edo period (1603-1867), it was the only establishment that offered direct access to the hot spring. However, after World War II, high-quality water began to spring behind Goshoboh in the "Gosho Spring”. In 2010, the 15th-generation Kanei Shirobei XV implemented a unique hot water distribution system of his design, allowing guests at Goshoboh to enjoy a continuous fresh flow of the exquisite water Gosho and Uwanari spring sources.
Reenergize and Revitalize
Derived from prehistoric seawater, the water springing at Arima Onsen you bathe in today has made its way to the surface over 6 million years. As you soak in this mineral-rich, chloride hot spring water, you may experience a sensation of floating as the water's buoyancy seems to defy gravity. The iron content in the water warms your body to its core, rebalancing harmony between your mind and body. Immerse yourself in this therapeutic water, find stillness in your serene surroundings, and experience a metamorphosis in your body and soul. Whether you prefer a spa treatment, a dip in the hot spring, or a combination of both, indulge in the profound connection with the Earth's depths. Feel the warmth and healing properties of this age-old treasure, often likened to gold, as they are absorbed into your body. Allow yourself to surrender to the gentle flow of relaxing treatments and massages for a truly rejuvenating experience.
The traditional communal bathing area ‘Arima Sansho Tocen’
The Goshobessho “Hanare no Daiyokujo” is a traditional communal bathhouse. From the 14th century until recently, Goshoboh was the only establishment with direct access to Arima Onsen’s only baths, Ichi-no-Yu and Ni-no-Yu via connecting corridor. Arima Sansho Tocen was created in the likeness of these historical bathhouses in tribute. Guests can experience the calming effect on the mind and body of the nostalgic essence of Arima Onsen's traditional bathing culture as they immerse themselves in the hot spring in the modest-sized bath. The water is drawn from the Gosho Spring in a continuous flow, meaning guests are always directly experiencing water fresh from the source.
The treehouse bath “Corvo de Ouro”
Attached to a room decorated by Hirosuke Watanuki is the private open-air bath, "Corvo de Ouro" (Golden Crow), the world's first treehouse-style hot spring. Its intricate design resembling a crow's nest draws inspiration from the three crows that discovered Arima Onsen, a legend recorded in Japan's oldest historical text, the "Kojiki." These three crows are considered messengers of the gods, and the golden crow is also a symbol of the sun.
The private baths in all ten guest rooms
All ten rooms at Goshobessho have their own private baths drawing Arima Onsen water sourced from the Gosho and Uwanari springs. The private baths in the rooms provide guests with an unparalleled, freshest possible Arima Onsen experience. Enjoy water direct from the source in the privacy of your room, adjusting the water volume and temperature to suit your preferences for a truly customized and relaxing bathing experience.
The Thermal Room
In contrast to the open and bright interior of the guest room, the Thermal Room is a dimly lit and meditative space. Maintained at a temperature close to that of the human body, it is an ideal environment to enhance the body's natural immune functions. Spend some time here, perhaps reading your favorite book, and after a while you'll begin to gently perspire as you detox and refresh. Distinct from a regular sauna, many visitors specifically come to Goshobessho for this unique experience.
Goshoboh’s iconic communal bath “Kongosen”
An 8-minute walk from Goshobessho is the Goshoboh communal bath. This unique bath features a semi-mixed bathing style, reflecting the current head Kanai Shirobei XV’s wish for men and women to coexist and enjoy the same space. By doing so, everyone is able to share the experience of the ancient and legendary hot spring water, traveling through countless millennia from a deep marine plate located 60 kilometers below ground. Immersing yourself in this time-honored hot spring is said to disperse worldly concerns and troubles, allowing them to dissipate into the distant horizon. Enjoy the finest hot spring in Arima, supplied directly from the source.
Unwind after your bath at the Library Salon
After enjoying the hot springs of Arima, unwind with a beer or cold beverage in the Library Salon. In this spacious and high-ceilinged area, post-bath drinks take on a different quality, allowing you to savor a unique moment, or slip into conversation more freely than usual.
Enjoy the fresh Spring or Autumn air on the terrace
One of the charms of Goshobessho is the view of Arima from the terrace. The landscape changes with the seasons, captivating and making you forget the passage of time. Listen to the sounds of birds, wind, rustling leaves, and the babbling stream, breathe in fresh air purified by the Arima mountains. You will find yourself unwinding and forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city.