A unique cafe time and space
From the large windows that open up to the inner courtyard, feel the refreshing breeze from Haigatayama mountain, named by Rikyu, founding father of tea ceremony. Indulge in a perfect moment, under the high ceiling, accompanied by a fragrant cup of coffee.
Afternoon Tea
Enjoy a leisurely afternoon with an Afternoon Tea. Surrounded by pleasant sounds, lush landscapes, nostalgic scents, good conversation, give your relaxation time a boost with decadent sweets and delicate flavored teas. From 1:00 PM, we offer original teas, green tea and coffee, in your choice of the lobby, terrace, and private rooms.
Enrich your vacation with warm, leisurely moments. Check-in and begin your evening while the sun is still out with an aperitif set. Follow the tipple with a dinner course with carefully portioned dishes.
Salon Rossio De Prate
An eight-minute walk from Goshobesso is the Salon within the Goshoboh estate. When Kobe Port opened to the world in the Meiji era, the new foreign population would visit Arima to escape the summer heat. Begining with the Kiyomizu Hotel, a row of hotels exclusively for foreigners was established along the river. The salon was built in that period as a dance hall. It features intricate parquet flooring crafted from teak and pine, and stained glass imported from France, all carefully chosen by the 13th-generation head of Tocen Goshoboh, Kanai Shirobei XIII. Despite becoming flooded in the Great Hanshin Flood in 1938, it remains perfectly intact to this day.
Cafe De Beau
A six-minute walk from the Goshobessho is what used to be the home of the 13th-generation head Kanai Shirobei XIII, now renovated into a French Patisserie shop. With his personal camera collection on display, you will find yourself stepping into a bygone era. You can find exquisite and unique creations here, such as the original trailblazing “Gosho Kuromaru” black bean tart that went on to inspire many patisseries to make their own, and the “Arima Salt Roll Cake" made with salt extracted from Arima Onsen. Enjoy these authentic delights exclusively available here.