A 350 year metamorphosis from Temple to Hotel

17th century, the renowned panoramic Autumn scenery from Arima Kyomizu Temple invited nature lovers for strolls and picnics. Three centuries later, it metamorphosed into the Kyomizu Hotel accommodating foreign visitors and their families. English was spoken. Tables were set. Bread, butter, and coffee were served. 21st century, the Kyomizu Hotel re-incarnated into its actual phase: Arima Sanso Goshobesshoh.


Legendary Blue Lily of Arima: “Arima Lan”

On January 5th 1882, during her visit to Arima Onsen and the Kyomizu Hotel,
the British world traveler Ms.Alice Mary Rey became intrigued by a blue flower. “Arima Lan” is an indigenous plant of Arima Onsen among many more. This particular vivid blue flower has undoubtedly been appreciated by many men of letters of the Hanshin Modernism era who probably spoke Novalis’s romanticism language. A kind of reminder of desire, love, beauty, and striving for the infinite.

Invigorate your Being

Soaking in Arima hot-spring, means submerging yourself in 6 million year old
thermal waters rich in sea salt and fossil calcium. An experience of almost floating and defying gravity. Even more, this iron rich hot-spring water will warm you to the bones and infuse you with minerals to make you a super human! To enjoy your metamorphosis , just soak and savour quietly.


Spa cocooning or rustic Onsen bath? Why not enjoy the duality ?

Soak in the earthy hot-spring pool and feel your body absorbing all the good warmth and minerals from the rich hot-spring that has been compared to gold for thousands of years. Then, let yourself indulge and enjoy an aroma treatment or a massage to relax, pamper, and rejuvenate.

The enigmatic world of MUHOAN

Born during the early Hanshinkan Modernism golden era of 1920s full of revolutionary and visionary waves of art and culture, Hirosuke Watanuki decided from his early age not to conform to any category or style. His world MUHOAN (A world that does not follow conformity) has an organic dualistic blend of east and west, poetry and philosophy, drawing and writing, practicality and spirituality. A multi-passionate creative person who expresses his world through almost all the arts. GOSHOBESSHOH is in a way the hermitage where one can slowly and deeply immerse in the fascinating world of MUHOAN.


A private thermal room for you only!

After a nice hot-spring bath and a relaxing spa treatment, just unwind in your private thermal room and enjoy a quiet time reading, meditating or doing some yoga. Feel the warmth, listen to the rhythm of your breath, release all tension, and slow down your thoughts. Your body and soul will thank you !

A terroir culinary experience for the curious gastronome

Enjoy delicately selected ingredients from the sea and the mountain of Kobe and Hyogo areas, whole-heartedly served in an authentic Yamaga mountain style. All is infused with a hint of western flair to create a unique style that encapsulates the culture of Kobe and Arima.


A quiet dinner or a cozy gathering party ?

Savour your dinner in the privacy and comfort of your guestroom, at a private dining room, or at the restaurant counter with a relaxing view.
The perfect place to enjoy a warm family gathering dinner or to celebrate together with friends !

Arima for the connoisseurs !

You maybe have enjoyed the down town part of Arima, with all its tiny back alleys and souvenir shops, but the upper side of the town invites you to more quiet pleasures. A stroll along the maple and cedar trees, a picnic by the side of the Tsuzumi waterfall, or maybe a short hike to taste the charm of the Mt.Rokko. Warning! butterflies, fireflies, and Kajika frogs may reveal themselves to you!


Undecided when to visit Arima?

Wonderfully warm with its hot-spring in winter. Gorgeous with its sweeping cherry blossom Sakura trees in spring. Embellished with pink and blue Sichidanka and Ajisai flowers during the rainy Tsuyu season. Festive and lively, and fresh with its rivers and waterfall in summer. Panoramic with its colorful maple trees in Autumn. Have you decided when to come yet?