The lingering echoes of Kiyomizu Temple, Arima’s spiritual sanctuary and Autumn color vantage point
Arima Onsen is not only the oldest hot spring resort in Japan, but also renowned as one of the Three Famous Springs of Japan. During the Meiji era, Japan opened its borders to the world and a foreign settlement was established in Kobe. These new residents would visit Arima Onsen, one of the main attractions being the famous autumn foliage spot, Kiyomizu Temple, which later became the "Kiyomizu Hotel”, exclusively catering to foreigners. The lush, green grounds of Arima Sansho Goshobessho still retain the sacred atmosphere of that time. Goshobessho began operation under Shirobe Kanai XV, the owner of Tocen Goshoboh, the oldest inn in Arima Onsen. The serendipitous beginnings of this unique establishment stem from the bequeathment of the statue of guardian deity Senju Kannon enshrined at Kiyomizu Temple, since passed down generations. Goshobessho today, developed by the current generational head and his friends, encapsulates the essence of this unique journey in its ambiance.
Library Salon
The Goshoboh Library Salon was created by Goshobessho’s artistic director, Hirosuke Watanuki. His refined and unique “Muhoan” style blends Eastern and Western sensibilities, and has garnered much appreciation in Portugal and southern Europe. Enjoy afternoon tea or a post-bath beverage at your leisure in this special space during your stay at Goshoboh.
Weddings and Family Celebrations
The private rooms at Goshobessho can serve up to 24 people as a venue for private functions, tailored to the size of your party. Gather for an intimate wedding, celebrate a long life or reconnect for a family reunion. The ten rooms can be reserved to host family and friends for events spanning days. Goshobessho is dedicated to providing the time and space for moments of happiness and bliss.
Corporate Retreats and Conferences
Goshobessho can serve as a venue for financial sector corporate retreats, where corporate executives can gather outside the working environment to focus on mid to long-term planning. We provide essential meeting amenities such as whiteboards and projectors to facilitate your discussions. The exquisite setting is sure to inspire creativity and productivity. Organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Junior Chamber International can also be accommodated. Private reservations of the lobby are also available, allowing seating for approximately 30 people.
Galeria Retiro D’Ouro
Located a 6-minute walk from Goshobessho is what was once the storeroom on Goshoboh’s 13th head’s estate. It has since been refurbished, and designated a tangible cultural property. It now houses works by Hirosuke Watanuki and showcases a rotating selection of pottery and artwork by Arima’s local artists. Crockery and tableware, yukata, chopsticks and other items used at Goshoboh, Goshobessho, and Hanakoyado are also available for sale here.